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Have you ever thought of doing multitasking on your Windows 8? Users of Windows 8 can do split screen to do multitasking. Till now I have seen multitasking on the browsers but for the first time in the OS ( May be I am late).

What is Split Screen?

Split Screen is nothing but performing two tasks at a time. Let us say you are watching something on YouTube and meanwhile you got to check your E-mail. Generally, to do these things you have to switch between the tabs and of course you can see only one at a time. But with this Split Screen option, users of Windows 8 can do both the things at once.

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How to do a Split Screen in Windows 8?

To do this, place your cursor on the top of your PC screen where you can find a hand symbol (Cursor urns to hand). Just click and drag to either side then open the other app to work. Now you can see two windows at once and can do work on the both windows.

Users of Windows 8 can swap the screens from left to right or right to left, depending on your need.

To understand better here is the video tutorial