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Hey Guys! Hope you had a great weekend. Currently, I am posting much stuff on Windows based mobiles as you might well aware that I have bought a Nokia Lumia 520 very recently. There are a few drawbacks though but still I like this Windows mobile. Initially, I have faced little difficulties while using this Nokia Lumia 520 as it’s my first Windows mobile. Later, while exploring I have found some fine features also like Wi-Fi hotspot etc.

Today also I have found a very good feature, PhotoBeamer. In fact, it is an exclusive app for Nokia Lumia devices.

What is a PhotoBeamer?

How to use Photobeamer

From the day 1, I can see a tile “PhotoBeamer” (pre-installed with Nokia Lumia 520) and I never know what that is for. When I launch that application it is saying on your friend’s screen go to and I close the app. Today I have decided to know what that is and I found with the PhotoBeamer app you can actually portrait the photos on any big screens like laptop or PC.

How to use PhotoBeamer?

How to use Photobeamer

Using of PhotoBeamer is very simple. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a Nokia Lumia mobile with internet availability. Now,

  • open PhotoBeamer website on the computer screen
  • Launch PhotoBeamer from your Nokia Lumia mobile (If you don’t have download)
  • Select the photos or album to display on the big screen
  • And, you can see camera launched and just scan the same on PhotoBeamer website
  • PhotoBeamer website will be showcasing a QR code, just scan that
  • Your images will be displayed on the bigger screen now
  • You can swipe to left or right to view all the images

Here is the video tutorial on using PhotoBeamer app