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Hello there! Since we have been posting banking related issues like blocking & re-applying Axis bank debit card online and transferring funds from ATM itself, I have considered posting this issue also. Many of you out there are might use credit cards and most of are might use your friend’s credit cards. After the usage, you can actually pay the credit card payment online from any of your bank accounts. All you need is online banking.

Requirements to pay online Citi / HDFC credit card bill:

Since I have used my friends credit cards both Citi and HDFC banks so I am well aware of paying online credit card bills.

  • Payee Credit card Number
  • Your bank’s net banking credentials

How to pay credit card bills online?

As I am an Axis bank customer, I have payed the credit card bills using my Axis bank internet banking. For HDFC or Citi bank, the procedure is same and simple. As I very recently paid a credit card bill on Citi bank I will explain the procedure with Citi bank. And remember, The procedure is same for HDFC bank credit card payment also.

–          Visit Citi bank bill desk / Visit HDFC bank bill desk

–          Enter the 16-digit credit card number

–          And enter E-mail and mobile number for further use

–          Select your bank from the dropdown and proceed with Internet banking

Pay Citi bank creditcard bill online with any other bank

–          Soon after the payment you can see a confirmation window

Pay Citi bank creditcard bill online with any other bank-01