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You guys might well aware of Nokia’s latest Windows mobile release, Nokia Lumia 520. I have purchased Lumia 520 at a local mobile shop for Rs 9,700. And, I have faced some difficulties while using this mobile (because of I am using Windows mobile for the first time). Now, some people are contacting me to write about the drawbacks of Nokia Lumia 520.

To be frank it is too early to discuss the drawbacks of Nokia Lumia 520 as I bought this mobile a couple of days ago. I will present the drawbacks I found within these 2 days. Some drawbacks might be fixed with next updates and some are not. Here is the list drawback on Nokia Lumia 520

Drawbacks of Nokia Lumia 520:

  • No Flash
  • No Temple Run support
  • No FM
  • No front Camera
  • RAM could have 1GB (it has 512MB)
  • Downloading takes a bit longer than the other OS mobiles
  • Battery backup could have been better (Not like the other Nokia mobiles)
  • Limited Apps
  • You cannot customize the view of apps list
  • No alert or symbol while connecting to internet (in older Nokia mobiles when we using internet E symbol will be squared). Here you can see E symbol but no change when internet get connected or not
  • Hot keys (volume and power keys) are little harder to use

Nokia Lumia 520 doesn’t support Temple Run game as Windows handsets with 1GB RAM only supports this game, at least for now.

These are the drawbacks I found till now on Nokia Lumia 520 and I will add above if I found any more.